Caleb – 7 Weeks

Being the third born is so much different from being the first born. Caleb turned 7 weeks old this last Wednesday, and he certainly got a taste of what it is like to be the third born!

This was the first week of Caleb’s life where Daddy was at work and Elias had school at the same time. First we had Daddy home with us so he took Elias to school. Then when Daddy went back to work it was winter break. Then family visited and Daddy took vacation. This week was the real deal for us all.

I took this picture of Caleb in his car seat for 7 weeks because I feel guilty that he spent so much time in the car seat this week. (And for many many weeks to come!)

20160112_082007Caleb has to ride in the car seat to take Elias to school in the mornings (and home), and to take Simon to his activities and classes. Then he has to get back into the car seat to go pick Elias up from school. It really disrupts his natural “schedule.” I felt like I was constantly waking him up to put him in the car seat rather than just being able to go with what he needed as I could mostly do when Elias was a baby. He looks content in the above picture, but most of the time he was very unhappy to be in there, and he certainly let us know it!

This week I’ve also noticed Elias and Simon’s love for Caleb growing. We had some rough patches during the week, but the best part is seeing all of the boys together. I got to witness Simon giving Elias a big hug and saying, “I love you no matter what.” (I also witnessed a lot of wrestling…but that’s fun in a different way). Elias is getting pretty good at entertaining Caleb, and loves to hold him.

20160113_132837Simon does his best to imitate what we all do.

20160112_065318Caleb is just along for the ride right now. Some day he’ll have his own friends. His own school. His own activities. But for now, he’s just along for the ride and we are all growing in love for him each day.

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