Hand Holding

This is love. Holding hands in sleep.

20160122_155046On friday afternoon Elias was at my parents’ house, so after I put Simon down for his nap I decided to try to get in a snooze myself. I lay down with Caleb on the bed and he quickly fell asleep. I dozed a bit. Unfortunately, Simon came in after only 45 or 50 minutes and I thought the bliss was over. However, he crawled onto the bed, found a spot and fell back asleep within seconds! What luck! I couldn’t actually sleep because I was worried Simon would roll over on Caleb, but I did get to lay and rest. I caught this one cute moment of them holding hands in sleep. They slept like this for quite awhile. Awww, brothers.

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  1. Linda says:

    So special! These moments are precious and I’m so glad that you are recording them so that you can look back and not forget!

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