NBA and Pie

We had another chance to have some kid dates this weekend. Simon went to Ama and Baba’s to have fun, and it was Elias’ turn to have some kid dates with Mommy and Daddy.

Friday night Nathan took Elias to his first Blazer game. At first Elias was a bit bored, but then Nathan taught Elias how to read the scoreboard and he was super excited for the rest of the game.

20160129_170858I got to spend some time with Caleb. I made him practice tummy time. He wasn’t happy with me for long.

20160129_104714On Saturday morning I got to spend time with Elias. He decided that he wanted to make a pie. We went and got the few ingredients we needed and came home to make the pie. First I taught Elias how to cut in the shortening.

20160130_113228He helped roll the dough for the crust, and then we worked on the insides of the pie.

20160130_121059We were lucky to be celebrating Nana’s birthday in the evening. Nothing better than sharing a pie with someone we love!


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