Caleb: 3 months

As of yesterday, Caleb is 3 months old. For both Nathan and I the 3rd month slowed down a bit. I still can’t believe he is a quarter of a year old…but this third month did go slower. I’ve been having a bit of a tough time so maybe that is why.

We are loving Caleb more and more each day. He is growing so fast right before our eyes. He’s really developing his own little personality, and he is “talking” and cooing a lot more these days.

20160225_094932Caleb is now sleeping through the night (until 5 am or so) relatively frequently. If he doesn’t sleep through he usually sleeps until 3 or so to give us a long chunk of sleep. He can even put himself to sleep which is something neither of our other boys could do until much older.

During his third month, Caleb has been working on his arm and hand motion skills. He has really started to try reaching for objects. He reaches for toys in his kick and crawl gym, and occasionally reaches for toys. I snapped this picture after he had reached for this elephant toy and brought it down off the tray. He still doesn’t really grasp things, but this is a start!

20160220_103430Caleb also notices himself in the mirror now and gives himself some pretty big grins. I set him up on the bathroom counter and he just smiles at himself. This evening he was even reaching for himself in the mirror.

Tummy time is still super tough. I need to be better about forcing him to do tummy time! He looks like an upside-down turtle. It’s pretty pitiful.

Caleb loves his brothers and smiles at them a lot. He enjoys it when Elias reads stories to him. He is still very much along for the ride. Here he is a few days ago when I was trying to get the boys to say “Happy Birthday” to Baba and James in a picture. I love this picture because he looks like he’s thinking “who are these people and why am I here?”


Caleb laughed his first real laugh last night. What fun! It’s been a wonderful first three months. I can’t wait to see how he grows and changes.

In other news, I feel like Peter Pan. Nathan has decided to kick Caleb out of our room. This his last night with us. Tomorrow he’ll “grow up” by moving to the nursery. I’ll be glad to have my own space back (and I can set up my sewing machine again!), but my momma heart is sad. Time goes by.

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