Gettin’ In The Valentines Spirit

Valentines Day is officially tomorrow, but we’ve been getting in the valentines spirit for a few days now.


I am the class party coordinator mom for Elias’ pre-K class and I was looking for candy science ideas to use for the valentines day party. I couldn’t find anything I liked, but decided that kids always love the vingar/baking soda reaction so we could do that. I brought a bunch of vinegar and baking soda along with some food dye to make it colorful and a bunch of different scents (vanilla extract, peppermint extract, raspberry extract, etc) to make it smell good. Then I bought some candy hearts to add in as “love notes.” I called them love potions. The kids at the party had a blast, but Elias just thought it was the best thing. He asked over and over again at the party if we could do it again at home.

Thursday night after the party, Nathan was gone and I was looking for a fun idea to help the time pass, so why not let the boys do more love potions? It got a big messy by the end, but the boys just absolutely loved adding different colors and scents and experimenting to see how the reactions changed each time. It was great fun!


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