Like Mother, Like Sons

When we were little, my brothers and I used to play “house”. I, being the oldest (and a pretty bossy older sister at that), got to decide how things went during this imaginative play. Sometimes I’d even make my brothers start over from the beginning if they did or said something that didn’t go according to my plan. They must have liked me because they almost always did what I said in those situations.

During “house”, I made myself a human, and I made my brother Scott be a horse so that I could ride on his back around the house. I most often made my brother Greg be the dog. I don’t know which is worse. You’d have to ask them.

Last night when we arrived at Ama and Baba’s house for a birthday celebration, I didn’t even have my coat off yet and the boys had already somehow coerced Uncle Scott into being their horse.

IMG_2766It’s good to see someone is picking up where I left off. Like mother, like sons!

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  1. Linda says:

    It brings back such fun memories!

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