Simon the 3 year old

Simon will be three years old in less than a week. Today he had his first of many different celebrations with family and friends.

We began this morning before church. I had baked a chocolate and vanilla rainbow swirl cake last night, and this morning I let the boys decorate it.

20160207_080457The cake did not turn out at all how I had envisioned it, but there was some rainbow swirl inside and Simon loved it so that is all that matters I guess.

Simon got a birthday blessing at church. Then we came home to celebrate with Nana. She brought pizzas for lunch. Then we got down to the business of opening presents.

20160207_130807Simon was a very excited boy. He got a pilot and a dodgers costume for role play/dress up and a bubble mower along with some other fun surprises. I think Elias was just as excited about the new gear as Simon was.

Finally we got to eat cake. We sang Simon “Happy Birthday” and he sang along at the top of his lungs.

20160207_132011It was a great way to start out our birthday celebrations.

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