Simon Turns 3!

Today is Simon’s 3rd birthday! I can’t say I’m sad to leave the two’s with this child, but Simon wouldn’t be Simon without that fiery personality so I think we are in for some adventures in the threes as well.

Simon was a little grumpy when he woke up, but as soon as he went downstairs and saw he got to open some presents he was happy. He got right to work….even before breakfast!

20160213_075108He was a nice boy and let Elias open one of his presents.

After breakfast we just played and got a few things done around the house. Then Ama and Baba came over with a wonderful birthday surprise!

Ever since we moved into our house two years ago my mom has wanted to get the boys a swing set. I resisted, but recently have been feeling like it would be a good idea. When my mom asked for birthday ideas for Simon, I told her not to feel obligated, but if she still wanted to, we were ready for a swing set. Less than an hour later I got a return email from her saying they had purchased it. I guess she was excited!

The boys got right to work building the swing set.

20160213_104154Simon and Elias had some fun with the box while Daddy and Baba did the hard work.

20160213_105311A little before noon, Daddy let for a vestry retreat at church. Unfortunately when he arrived, he found out that the retreat didn’t begin at noon… ended at noon. Oops! We felt bad about it, but I was also secretly happy to have Daddy home for the afternoon. The swing set didn’t get finished before the rain, but it was finished enough to let the boys try out a few parts.

20160213_121728Simon was very proud to sit on the big boy swing, but decided he liked the slide better after he fell off of it twice. We’ve got some work to do with the big boy swing!

It was a great start to Simon’s third birthday. I can’t wait to see how he grows in the next year. He’ll start preschool and Awana. He’ll be able to do t-ball and soccer mini league in the summer. And so much more!

Tonight, we’ll start by saying bye-bye to the binkies. He only uses them at nap and bedtime, but he is really attached to them. Mommy and Daddy decided three is the age to give them up, and we’ve been preparing him for awhile now…but I don’t think he ever really got it. Hopefully we won’t be up all night! Wish us luck!

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