Sometimes I Wish This Were Me

Caleb really has to go with the flow. He gets pulled around to all sorts of classes and schools and play dates. He gets bounced around and kissed by his brothers. He takes it all in stride. One thing he’s never liked, though, was tummy time. In his short eleven weeks he has never been happy during tummy time even once. By this time Simon was an expert tummy timer and spent most of his happy and awake time that way. I’m not comparing abilities of my children…just different personalities.

Yesterday, I was forcing Caleb to do some tummy time and he was pretty fussy. I was trying to engage him with different books and toys, but he wasn’t having any of it. All of a sudden he just plopped down and stopped trying to keep his head up. At first I was worried because he wasn’t making any fussing sounds either. Then I realized he was asleep. The poor kid was so tired and fed up he just went to sleep.

20160211_135033He looked so cute but the whole situation was just so pitiful. In all three boys this was a first! I moved him to a more comfortable situation for his nap and he slept for a couple of hours.

Sometimes I wish this were me. I wish I could just plop down and sleep when things get tough. Ahhh to sleep like a baby…..

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