Time Goes By

These boys just keep growing. This gives me mixed feelings as a mom. I’m sure someday when they are teenagers I’ll just look back and laugh at myself for feeling all sentimental about my five year old getting “big.” But the boys all pass new milestones each day it seems, and life is just going by right before my eyes.

Elias was very excited about creating valentines for his classmates. I showed him a few ideas online, and he picked the one he wanted. Then we went to the dollar tree to get supplies and he picked out what he wanted to do. He worked hard to finish them in two different sittings. He’s come a long way from last year when he just scribbled his name on a few Jake Pirate valentines from Target.

20160205_143905Here is a close up:

20160205_143924Then today we finally switched him to the shoulder strap seat belt instead of the 5 point harness. We were waiting until he reached 40 pounds. He was so proud.

20160207_164802He’s growing so fast!

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