Early Christmas With Nana

Nana is going to Spokane for Christmas this year, so she asked us to celebrate with her early. The 17th was our day! Nana came over early so that Nathan and I could go to our bell choir rehearsal. Then we hung out together all afternoon. When Caleb woke up from his nap we exchanged gifts.

I really wanted to boys to be able to give gifts this year. In Sunday School their theme is the Little Drummer Boy, and they are learning that gifts don’t have to cost money. I helped them make gifts for many family members. It was fun to see how excited they were to watch Nana open the gifts they had made her.

We got Elias a microscope for Christmas. He is so into science these days! Nana got him the slides for it. We let him open the microscope early so he would have something to do with the slides from Nana. It was a lot of fun watching him learning how to use it. Each time he got one into focus he’d say “Mom! Come look at this! It’ll knock your socks off!”

Then Nana spoiled us by bringing her traditional family meal….Christmas burritos. She cooked it all up for us and it was delicious. Finally we had a good ol’ fashioned game of Pie Face. Nana was so tickled that at first she didn’t believe it was a real thing. She really got into it, though! It was a hoot! Here is Simon after getting hit with a minor portion of Reddi Whip.

We always have fun with Nana!


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