Snow 2016 (continued)

We had more snow than we bargained for the last week or so. It still was hardly anything…but for Portland, it was enough to really mess things up. The boys had snow days on the last two school days before winter break. We were quite disappointed! It did make for some more fun in the snow, though, and this time there was enough for some sledding on our street!

I got all of the boys bundled up and pulled them all around on the sled. It was so cute I just had to stop for a picture:

Luckily for me there are a lot of older kids on our street (upper elementary and middle school aged), and some of those girls are quickly approaching babysitting age and want to prove how good they are with the kids. I was relieved from sled pulling duty and instead got to watch them pull my boys around and have a blast. One of Elias’ classmates also came down the street and they had a snowball fight.

Caleb lasted for an hour or so in the cold, but after that this was the look I got:

It was time to go inside!

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