Zoo Lights 2016

Tonight we were ready for some more Christmas light viewing. This time we chose the zoo. As soon as Nathan was home from work we were off. The night was almost perfect. Cold and clear, and family together.

We made good use of the double stroller because Simon has a little bit of the sniffles and wanted to be cuddled under the blanket for most of the time. He did perk up when we offered him some of a warm elephant ear for a snack. He refused to be photographed, but enjoyed it very much. Elias was very excited about the elephant ear as well and was happy to hold it up for the camera.

As we got to the bright red lights I told Elias it was my favorite part and he said, “I can see why!” Here you can seem my boys just ahead enjoying the lights.

We warmed up in the elephant lands indoor exhibit where we saw elephants playing and talking to each other. When we got to the light tunnel we had to go for the obligatory family selfie. Simon was not enthused about the camera, but I promise he was really enjoy the lights.

We also met up with some “animals.” Simon jumped up out of the stroller to go give hugs and high fives…and actually smiled for me!

We capped off the evening with a ride on the train. Another fun zoo lights evening in the books!

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