Winter Break 2016

Well winter break past weeks ago, but it sure feels like it is still here! Elias will have had one day of school this week out of five due to snow days!

Our winter break 2016 was just perfect. Traveling is always fun, but there is nothing quite like having a couple of relaxing weeks at home to unwind. The boys and I had a couple of pajama days where we just stayed in our pajamas all day. We played, read, and relaxed. I think it was what all of us needed.

Pajama day!:

We also played games a did some puzzles. Elias completely whomped me at Monopoly. You can see he has houses and hotels, and almost all of my properties are mortgaged. We actually did finish the game and he eventually completely bankrupted me. He was quite proud if you can’t tell from the picture.

We celebrated Christmas. On Christmas eve the boys participated in the pageant at church. Elias was a dove and Simon was an angel. Caleb was a spectator.

After the service we took our annual family photo on the altar.

After the service we went home and had a quiet evening exchanging gifts. Simon loved his light saber.

I got Nathan tickets to two blazer games: one to go with Elias, and one to go with Simon. They went the week after Christmas and all three of them had a blast.

I volunteer in Elias’ classroom once a week. While I was volunteering one of my tasks was to hang the kids’ writing on the bulletin board. Out of all of the fun we had over the break, look what Elias chose to write about:

It’s Elias and his Daddy in their black jerseys. You can even see their red popcorn bucket in the picture. I guess it was a good choice for a gift!

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