Mothers Day Roses

A few weeks ago, in Elias’ journal, his prompt was “What would be the perfect gift to give your mother.” His answer was a rose. I thought it was pretty cute at the time. Fast forward to Mother’s Day:

My boys spoiled me for mothers day with a nice breakfast, and a rose bush. We planted the rose bush in the backyard, and are waiting for it to bloom. They chose dark purple (my favorite color). I loved it because it is a gift that will bring us beauty and life for years to come.

I’m not sure if Elias and Nathan coordinated or if it just worked out perfect. It was fun to get a rose bush when Elias thought it would be the perfect gift, and it is one of the few plants I have been able to help thrive in our yard in the last couple of years. Currently we have a red rose bush. Now, we’ll have two beautiful colors.

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