Elias and I were lucky enough to be able to go to OMSI yesterday as the guest of a friend who is an OMSI member. Even though I’ve been there many times leading kids on school field trips and a couple times just for fun with Nate, I had never been inside the toddler play area. I was amazed! There is so much to do there. We could probably go ten times and still not see everything in that one room. Most of it is geared toward children who are a little older than Elias, but there is a baby section in the back corner which is perfect. He can grow into the rest. Elias had a lot of fun and I did too. Thanks Stacie!

Here are a few pictures. I had to use the flash because it was a little dark in there so his eyes were pretty squinty or closed in most of the pictures. Poor little guy. Here are three pretty good ones:

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