Story Time

We reached a fun milestone yesterday. Ever since I started taking Elias to story time at the library, I’ve been looking forward to when he could crawl. For the last ten minutes or so of the story time, the babies get to play and interact. However, Elias couldn’t crawl so we were always just stuck on the outside playing by ourselves.

That changed yesterday because now he can crawl! He was in there on the parachute having fun with the other older babies. One little girl who was 10 months kept taking every toy he found from him. I kind of felt bad about it, but I just tried to make sure there were plenty of toys around to play with. One little boy kept screaming out of excitement at seeing Elias, but instead of being happy, Elias got scared by it and needed some brief comfort from mommy before going back to playing. Elias really enjoyed crawling over to the mirror and playing in front of it as well.

It was bittersweet, though. I had looked forward to it for months. But it makes me think about how fast time is flying and how I’ll never get back those moments of his tiny babyhood. They live in my memory only. I’ll just have to enjoy each moment as it comes.

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