Elias’ First Sleepover!

Elias’ pediatrician recommended that we start having Elias sleep over at Ama and Baba’s house about once a month from now until when they baby arrives since they will be taking care of him while we are in the hospital. She said the transition will be easier for him if he thinks it is a fun night just for him rather than being pushed out so we can go have the baby. It makes sense.

So last night when Nathan and I celebrated 11 years together, and were going to be out very late anyway, we decided to give a first sleepover a try.

I probably had a harder time than Elias. My parents said he did ask for me in the morning, and was a little nervous at going to sleep in a new place…but for the most part he thought it was great. He loved it.

It wasn’t so hard on me last night since we were at the concert. But this morning it was weird. I woke up and there were no soft breaths on the monitor. It was so quiet when I ate breakfast by myself. Morning maintenance chores (laundry, dishes, vacuum/sweeping) got done so quickly. But with one successful sleepover under our belt, I think they will only get easier each time.

My little boy is growing up!

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