Fun Family Times

We’ve been having a blast this week hanging out with our cousins, Auntie, and Grandpa from out of town. Elias and Simon absolutely adore their cousins, and each minute of play time together is precious.

On Wednesday, we met at the park to play on the playground and in the fountains. Although Elias and Simon didn’t run through the fountains in glee by any means, they did have a good time. Most of the time they just stood back and watched, but they did enjoy the water for a bit in order to cool off.

P1180778After the park, Simon took a nap, and everyone came over to our house for a birthday party. Elias has been excited for the birthday party for a long time. Sonya turned 4 years old! Simon had an excellent time rolling the ball with Sonya before dinner.

P1180783After dinner we sang Sonya happy birthday…complete with a Frozen cake!

P1180793 P1180796Simon and Elias were entranced by all of the girl toys. My little ponies. Magnetic Frozen”paper dolls”. Fairies with like five different dresses, matching shoes and purses. It was all new territory for the boys.

P1180804Elias helped by passing Sonya each present as she was opening. He was certainly exhibiting first child tendencies, telling her what to open and when. It was quite cute.

P1180802On Thursday we had more of a relaxing day. Everyone came over to play in our backyard all day. I set up the water table and the sprinkler and the kiddos had a lot of fun. I have to admit it has been a lot of years since I have run through a sprinkler and it was quite exhilarating. Here are Sonya and Elias posing during their fun afternoon.

P1180828Cousins are so much fun! I’m so glad the boys get to see their cousins as much as they do, and that they get along so great. But we wish we could see them even more often!

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