Every year we spend a few days at Fort Stevens for our annual family fishing trip. Nathan goes with my brother, my dad, and whoever else happens to be there to fish on the Columbia river. I stay behind with the boys.

This year Nathan caught two fish, both Chinook. One was 24 pounds and the other was a bit smaller, perhaps 11 pounds. We’ll have a lot of Salmon to eat!

Elias and Simon loved riding bikes, exploring the campground, going in to Seaside, playing on the playground, and more. We weren’t allowed campfires but we gave them graham crackers and chocolate while watching a video of a fire on my dad’s phone. It was a laughable attempt at trying to make up for the boys not being able to roast marshmallows and sit around the fire. But we had fun nonetheless.

The boys wondered about Daddy fishing every morning, so they were very excited when Uncle Scott and Daddy took them fishing at Coffenbury Lake for trout.

Just look how proud Simon was carrying his pole across the parking lot toward the lake:

20150824_163904Elias had a ton of fun fishing as well. Uncle Scott was relieved because Elias is actually showing some signs of skill and patience this year. Last year he mostly just waved his pole around and got the line tangled. This year he held his pole correctly, attempted casting on his own, was able to reel in correctly, and like I said, showed a lot of patience. There may be more fishing in his near future!

20150824_164155In the end, we did not end up catching any trout. We didn’t have the right bait or the right conditions or whatever reason. The boys were both quite disappointed. Here they are looking in the water. Where are the fish?

20150824_171440Despite wanting to give them more chance for success, they were getting restless and we had to get back to the campsite for dinner. Maybe next time!

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