Early Father’s Day 2016

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and between church and celebrating with my side of the family/my dad, there wasn’t much time left for Nathan and our traditional fathers day happenings. We decided to do our own family celebrations today.

On Nathan’s first Father’s Day in 2011, I asked him to think of something he’d like to do every year for a tradition. He chose swimming. We’ve been swimming every Father’s day since. It has been a lot of fun for our family, and I’m glad I asked him to create a tradition.

Earlier today I asked Nathan how long we’ve been doing Father’s Day swimming because I couldn’t remember when we started. Like most things about our family when we can’t remember, Nathan said, “I don’t know just look at the blog.” So I went back to June 2011 and found our post about Father’s Day that year. Sure enough, 2011 (Nathan’s first father day) was our first swimming year. You can read about it here. It actually made me tear up a bit when I read Nathan’s own words about his first fathers day.

Anyway, today was Nathan’s day. We relaxed most of the morning. Nathan got to take Simon for a haircut and we just had a leisurely morning. The boys each got him a gift. I let them choose something they want to do together with their daddy.

Simon chose ice cream. Elias chose Minecraft. Nathan has given him a small taste of playing the game. He gets to play 10 or 15 minutes a day. Elias got Nathan a second account so that they could play together. It was cute listening to them interacting both in the real world and in the game at the same time. Nathan had to rescue Elias (who had fallen under some ice) multiple times in the game.

20160618_120857 20160618_121122

I’ve always wanted to do one of those cute pinterest-y questionnaires so I printed one out and had the boys answer some questions about their daddy. They turned out pretty cute, but I think they were trying to be silly rather than serious. It will be interesting to see how they differ in a couple of years.

Here they are for your reading enjoyment:

20160618_120955 20160618_121041After lunch we packed up to go to the swimming pool. Our normal pool for this tradition (Conestoga recreation and Aquatic center) was closed today so we had to try a new one. Luckily, the Shute Park Aquatic Center in Hillsboro is just as great and way closer to our house! We were really glad we checked it out.

I took my tradition picture of Daddy and his sons in the locker room before heading out to the pool. Here are my goofballs:

20160618_134810We had a blast swimming, then headed home for a dinner of Nathan’s choice. I’m happy to be married to a man who actually wants to spend time with his family on Fathers Day!

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