A Real Man

What is the definition of a “real man”? Some people’s may consist of a guy who has antlers on the wall. Or maybe he is really strong. Or into sports. All the stereotypical stuff.

I say this is a real man:

20160802_170354Caleb had a bit of a fussy afternoon. He started crying the minute I put him down. By the time Nathan got home I just needed some child free arms. Or maybe even a child free house for a little while.

Nathan strapped that baby on his back and went out to grill us some burgers for dinner. He brought the older two boys out in the backyard to play so that I could have some peace and quiet to get a few chores done inside. It was only 15 or so minutes, and I spent one of them taking this photo, but it made a big difference for me.

Stellar Dad, folks, and a real man. I’m a lucky lady.

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