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A 2-Year Old!

Today I am the proud momma of a two year old! Elias turned two at 7:02 p.m….not that anyone actually noted the time as it occurred (we were at Nathan’s softball game). I think he had a very happy birthday … Continue reading

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Smile for Great Grandpa and Great Grandma!

Elias recently received a birthday card in the mail from Great Grandpa and Great Grandma. It even had five dollars in it! Nathan helped him open the card and read it to him. Then I appeared with the camera and … Continue reading

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Snuggle More

We’ve had Elias’ bedtime routine set now for a long time. It works really well for him. Recently, though, he seems to have added his own final event in the bed time routine. The first few times it happened, I … Continue reading

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Disneyland: Part 1 – California Adventure

Our first day at Disneyland was actually spent at the Disney’s California Adventure theme park. We were excited to check out Cars Land, and to introduce Elias to the idea of a theme park and rides. Most of the adults … Continue reading

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We Made the Pilgrimage

Nathan comes from a family full of Dodger fans. He was indoctrinated young to hate the Yankees and the Giants. While he’s seen the Dodger’s play before, he had never been to Dodger Stadium. So when my family started making … Continue reading

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Party at the Park!

Elias will be turning two years old next week! I know everyone says this…but I can’t believe two years have gone by already. We decided to celebrate with friends and family by having a party at the park. I was … Continue reading

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It’s A Boy!

Nathan and I went to our twenty week ultrasound this morning. It’s a boy! We are very excited for Elias to have a little brother. I can’t wait to have a house full of boys. Everything seems to be healthy … Continue reading

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Where It All Began

Eleven years ago (well almost…it was in October) Nathan and I went to Disneyland as part of a trip to California for a band competition. We held hands for the first time in Disneyland. We were in New Orleans Square, … Continue reading

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Haircut #3

Elias had his third haircut today. He really needed it…his hair was constantly in his eyes. He did really well for the most part…got a bit upset when he couldn’t get his hands out from underneath the cape/drape thing, but … Continue reading

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Almost 2 – A Magical Time

Elias’ is almost two, and his language development just seems to be exploding. I know this is normal, but it’s magical to experience it…or to witness my son experience it. Today alone Elias learned 2 new letters and four new … Continue reading

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