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All Hallows Eve/ All Hallows Read

We celebrated All Hallows Eve and All Hallows Read today! Elias loves his Sheriff Woody costume so he wore it much of the day. After Daddy got home from work, we gave him a book for All Hallows Read, a … Continue reading

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A Baby Update

It’s week 26 of my pregnancy now and that leaves….just over three months until the due date. It’s causing mixed feelings. Up until a week or so ago I was feeling great. I was relatively small…I was in the great … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Halloween

Sometimes rainy weekends are a blessing. As much as I love to be outside doing fun family activities, sometimes just spending a quiet weekend at home and inside is just what we need. Yesterday we relaxed all morning and played … Continue reading

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Fall Cookies!

I love making sugar cookies because it reminds me of spending time with my grandmother. Every time I spent the night at my grandparents’ house, my grandma would make sugar cookie dough, and then we would roll it out, cut … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Carving!

After choosing three prize pumpkins at the pumpkin patch on Saturday, we wanted to be sure to carve them soon! Last night we had planned to carve them, but had to change plans…so tonight it was! I had naively assumed … Continue reading

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Hermione’s Teeth Adventure

The first time a veterinarian told me about the cleaning of my cat’s teeth, the look on my face must have been quite amusing. Really? Put a cat under anesthesia? For a teeth cleaning? But now four years later, I … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Patch!

We took Elias to the pumpkin patch today. It was our second year in a row getting pumpkins from the farm rather than the grocery store. On our drive out to the farm, we were a bit nervous because we … Continue reading

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Elias’ First Sleepover!

Elias’ pediatrician recommended that we start having Elias sleep over at Ama and Baba’s house about once a month from now until when they baby arrives since they will be taking care of him while we are in the hospital. … Continue reading

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11 Years Together and a Rock Concert!

Tomorrow will be the 11th anniversary of my first date with Nathan. We were in high school. We had known each other for three years prior to our first date. We went out to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory. Nathan … Continue reading

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Elias woke up today with a swollen upper eyelid. My first thought was pink eye and “Nooooooooo”. But then I thought for awhile. I don’t ever remember having pink eye, but I’m sure I did at some point. I don’t … Continue reading

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