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A Little Slice of Family Life

Last night was our last Hops Game. That makes a total of eight this season for Nathan, seven for Elias, and six each for me and Simon. We loved seeing the Hops play. Last night was supposed to be the … Continue reading

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Fountain Fun

Today was the last day that Auntie Erin, Audrey and Sonya are in town for this round of family visits. We are sad to see them go. We went to the 53rd Avenue park in Hillsboro to have fun together, … Continue reading

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Brothers, Cousins, and Other Fun

We’ve been having a lot of fun around here the last couple of weeks. Nathan’s sister and our nieces have been in town so we’ve been spending time with them almost every day. It has been so much fun to … Continue reading

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Simon – 6 Months

Simon is now 6 months and one week old. It’s hard to believe it’s been more than half a year already. He’s had a few milestones recently. 1. He’s got teeth! Simon has his two bottom middle teeth. His smile … Continue reading

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Letter of the Week: A Toddler’s Alphabet Study (Mm)

We did a lot of fun Mm things last week! I think Mm has been one of Elias’ favorite letters so far. All week he said, “M says mmmmmmmmmmm,” and he tried to form the sign with his fingers. He … Continue reading

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Bridge Stride

“We walked too much.” That’s what Nathan said about our day today. We did walk a lot! (But I wouldn’t say it was too much). We did the Providence Bridge Stride for the first time. I wanted to participate in … Continue reading

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Enchanted Forest

We had a free Saturday morning, and had a number of things we thought would be fun to do today. We settled on taking the boys to Enchanted Forest…something we’ve been wanting to do for a while. We had a … Continue reading

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Elias and Simon got to see their cousins a bit this evening. They drove all day from Spokane and arrived this evening. Elias warmed right up to his cousins and had them running around Nana’s house by the end of … Continue reading

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What I Hope I Remember….

We are in the midst of the T’s here in the Smith household. We are in the tantruming twos and the teething tinies. I won’t call them the terrible twos. Because it really isn’t terrible. In fact, up until not … Continue reading

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Elias’ First Tubing Adventure

On Sunday we went to Henry Hagg Lake with Ama and Baba and Uncle Scott. We go at least once every summer on a hot day to cool off and have fun at the lake. We left straight from church, … Continue reading

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