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Easter Art Projects

Ever since my second child was born, I always want to do more with the kids. More art. More reading. More letter of the day or other such activities. I especially wished I did more to help Elias observe advent, … Continue reading

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Seed Planting!

We were supposed to go to a MOMS club seed planting event this morning. I had been telling Elias about it for a week or so now. He was very excited. However, Simon just hasn’t been able to fully kick … Continue reading

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This Is My Boy

This is my boy: I love how perfectly this picture sums him up. Rough and tumble. Grabs life by the horns. Just look at him. Dirty, scraped face, but leaning forward, charging into life. He’s got places to be. Things … Continue reading

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Elias Wrote His Name!

This afternoon was a gorgeous one, so when Simon woke up from his nap I took the boys outside to play. Elias went for a bit of baseball, and then we got out the sidewalk chalk. I’ve known that Elias … Continue reading

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Pitifully Tired

A few days ago around noon, I noticed that Simon was very sleepy. He usually goes down for his nap around 1:00 so I was hoping to get some lunch in him before he napped. I considered just putting him … Continue reading

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Work and Play In The Yard…Is There a Difference?

We spent most of the first half of our day at the urgent care for poor Simon. He has conjunctivitis in both eyes and looks pretty miserable. However, for the most part, he acts his cheery self. Hopefully the eye … Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung here in the Smith household…inside! We are getting buds on many of our trees and plants, and flowers/shoots are starting to pop out of the soil. It’s so much fun to watch. I’d like my boys to … Continue reading

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There’s Nothing Quite Like….

Both boys are sick right now. Elias has horrible croup and a fever. Simon’s nose is spilling more gunk than niagra falls, and he has teeth coming in so he is quite cranky. But today was beautifully sunny, and it … Continue reading

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Elias really enjoys geography lately. We have a big world map hanging in our living room, and he always wants to look at it together. He knows all of his continents. I want to start doing a little geography with … Continue reading

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Simon’s Birthday Party…Take 2

We had scheduled Simon’s first birthday party for February 8th. We invited a bunch of his little friends over and were excited for some fun play time and celebration. Unfortunately, it snowed and we had to cancel the party. We … Continue reading

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