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Goodbye Grandpa

When my Grandpa Smith passed away at age 85 last week, he was with family in Indiana. But I was lucky enough growing up that he and my Grandma always lived close by in Oregon. They lived at the coast … Continue reading

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Circling the Wagons

Despite receiving numerous tempting offers for social interaction this weekend, we are being very protective of our time. We’re circling the wagons so-to-speak. Regardless of whether little Smith #2 decides to come tonight or three weeks from tonight, we only … Continue reading

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In Memory

Nathan’s Grandpa passed on to the next life this evening. It was not totally unexpected…but still quicker than we had thought. The whole ordeal reminded me of my own Grandfather’s passing. We found out in the morning that hospice was … Continue reading

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Elias Reads Some of His Favorite Books!

Besides Dr. Seuss and P.D. Eastman, Elias has a few other favorite authors and books. What is most fun is that he has started to read them to himself…out loud! I often hear his little voice as I am loading … Continue reading

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The World According to Elias

Elias is really into dinosaurs these days. Here is (an approximate) snippet from my lunch time conversation with Elias (dots indicate a long pause): Elias: “A betasaurus, Mommy.” Me: “A betasaurus? Is that a dinosaur?” Elias: “Yeah.” Me: “Oh, ok. … Continue reading

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This afternoon I went to open Elias’ door and curtain around 4:00. I usually do this to help him wake up from his nap…as long as he has been asleep at least two hours already. If he sleeps much longer … Continue reading

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Good Ol’ Fashioned Cardboard Box Fun

We recently purchased a gliding rocker with some Christmas money. The best part, though, was the box. Elias had a ton of fun playing in the box, and Mommy and Daddy just had to climb in a few times too. … Continue reading

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Big Boy Bed!

With little Smith #2 coming soon, Nathan and I decided we had better stop procrastinating, and get Elias used to sleeping in someplace that is not his crib. He’ll have enough transitions once the baby comes, so we are hoping … Continue reading

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Another Wedding!

We went to another beautiful wedding yesterday. This one was to unite Andrew (Nathan’s good friend and Elias’ godfather) and Diana. Nathan was in the wedding party and had to be there early in the day. The wedding actually took … Continue reading

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A Few Things That Made My Day

I’ve been super emotional lately. Poor Nathan has had to bear the brunt of it. It’s probably just hormones…I am only four weeks away from my due date, after all. Today was a good day, though…and it was helped along … Continue reading

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