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A Tricycle Break Through

Elias had a break through on his tricycle yesterday. He can now ride all by himself. (Before yesterday, he would keep his feet on the pedals, but needed to be pushed because he didn’t actually work the pedals himself). Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Simon – Two Weeks

Simon is two weeks old today. In some ways it seems way shorter than that…and sometimes I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks. So far, Simon is a very healthy and happy boy. He has brought us much joy. … Continue reading

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Because of that darn c-section I am unable to lift anything heavier than Simon for 6 weeks or so. This includes Elias. Unfortunately, he has a very hard time understanding this. We’ve had to teach him how to climb onto … Continue reading

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Since I am the one with the milk, I end up spending a lot of time with Simon. I try to be with Elias as much as I can…but in the beginning he didn’t want to be anywhere near Simon, … Continue reading

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We are making slow, but steady progress in many areas in our household. We are starting to find a rhythm and routine. Things are starting to feel more under control. (Nathan claims that the state of the kitchen has no … Continue reading

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We Had Cabin Fever…We Might Be Bad Parents

We had a bit of cabin fever this morning. Things were actually going very well on the home front. Elias showed more interest in Simon, and did not cry when I had to change Simon’s first diaper blowout (which involved … Continue reading

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Simon – The First Week

It seems like it’s been about a month since I posted…not a week. And with the amount of pictures I’m about to upload you’d probably think so too! It has been both an amazing and a challenging week for our … Continue reading

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Simon was born on Ash Wednesday

So we gave up sleeping through the night for Lent.

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Simon Kealoha Smith

Our son Simon Kealoha Smith was born this morning February 13th at 8:10am. He is 21.75 inches long and weighs in at 9 lbs 15 oz. Simon is derived from the Hebrew word for “he has heard.” In accordance with … Continue reading

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The Last Day

Well…today really was the last day of being a family of three. I think there was definitely a good reason that God chose to make babies come (somewhat) unexpectedly. It is causing me a bit more anxiety knowing exactly when … Continue reading

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