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Elias got his first haircut today. His first real haircut. (There was that time a few months ago where I trimmed just his bangs…but that doesn’t really count.) His bangs were really getting in his eyes, and his little curl … Continue reading

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Monday morning was beautiful here! The sky was so blue, and the sun was so bright. When I got Elias out of his crib, I opened his curtain and told him, “We have to go to the park and enjoy … Continue reading

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Congratulations Uncle Greg

My brother recently accepted a position as a helicopter tour pilot at the Grand Canyon. He will be leaving tomorrow for Arizona for two weeks of training, and then his new job. We will miss him lots, but he works … Continue reading

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We got some portraits taken yesterday of Elias and of our family. They turned out well. Elias always gets nervous at first when a stranger points a camera at him. We had to get his passport photos taken twice…(that is … Continue reading

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He missed!

Elias has been getting more interested in art projects at home. He still doesn’t really get the purpose of crayons…he likes organizing them and placing them in and out of the container the best. But what surprises me is his … Continue reading

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Birthday Weekend in Sunriver

This weekend was my Dad’s birthday. We chose to celebrate by packing up the whole Bartle/Smith clan and heading over to Sunriver for the long weekend. With everyone living in one house, it was cozy and fun. A bit of … Continue reading

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After Elias was baptized, we had to decide how we would handle communion with him. When would he start to partake? We decided not to dribble any of the wine into his mouth…while it may nourish him in some way … Continue reading

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Our Weekend

We had quite a full weekend here in the Smith household! On Saturday morning, Grandma Smith came over to play with Elias while Nathan and I went to volunteer at the Oregon Food Bank. I had put this on our … Continue reading

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Morning Jam Session

Elias is feeling better today. Yay! He is still not tip top shape. In fact, he is sleep-coughing right now during his nap. 🙁 But at least I have seen lots of smiles so far today, and he is not … Continue reading

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A sick boy

Oh, my heart aches for my poor son. After a visit to the doctor this morning, we found out that he has croup and stridor. It was quite disconcerting to hear him having so much trouble breathing. After taking a … Continue reading

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