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Happy Halloween! Elias got to wear his cute “first Halloween” outfit from Grandma Smith. He also got to listen to Tocata and Fugue in d minor for the first time. It was the postlude at church today! Then when we … Continue reading

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A day in the life

Elias is one month old today! Kimberly shot a lot of videos of him yesterday, so I put them together and set it to music. Baby is the star of the show:

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Neck Muscles

Elias is working on strengthening his neck muscles. He can lift his head and hold it up for a long time, but is pretty wobbly once there. In other news, we had a busy day. Elias went on his first … Continue reading

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Time Goes By

I can’t believe it has been three and a half weeks already since Elias was born. On Saturday he will be a month old! He seems to be developing quickly. He can hold his head up for a relatively long … Continue reading

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Baby carrier

Today we decided to start using the baby carrier we were given as a gift for Elias. After reading the manual and fiddling a bit, we successfully loaded Elias in a dry run at home. For our first real test, … Continue reading

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First Date

Nine years ago today, Nathan and I went on our first date! It was fun to remember that this morning as I was making breakfast. It has been a wonderful nine years.

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The incredible disappearing dad

I go back to work this Thursday, and that will be a big transition. It will be biggest for Kimberly, since that means she’ll be home alone with Elias during the day. So far we’ve always had to two of … Continue reading

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Lessons in Baseball

Today Elias got his first lesson in baseball from his Daddy. Nathan hasn’t gotten much of a chance to watch the playoffs this year, but tonight he took in his first game. (Giants vs. Phillies) He looked forward to watching … Continue reading

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Two Weeks Old

Time flies, but it also seems like a long time. Elias is two weeks old today.

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We’ve been home for over a week now, and we have to say that we couldn’t have made it so far without the help of family and friends. Thanks to everyone for cooking, cleaning, shopping, and holding the baby. It … Continue reading

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