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Happy Halloween!

Tonight was the big night for all the kiddos out there. But before we get to that…we also had a lot of fun at our church Halloween party last Sunday evening. There were games, cookie decorating, a costume parade, and … Continue reading

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Letter of the Week: A Toddler’s Alphabet Study (Pp)

Well we’ve been officially on letter Pp for about five weeks now. I figured since P begins the word procrastinate it would be ok. But in all honesty, I’m not in any rush to finish. I just want to talk … Continue reading

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MOMS Club Halloween Party!

Today was our first Halloween party of 2013! (We are lucky and have a few more to come). My MOMS club got together at Jenni and Tommy’s Kids Unplugged. Nathan or I had never been there, but it is a … Continue reading

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Enjoying Autumn

We have taken the time to enjoy some autumn activities the last couple of days. Yesterday, we focused on pumpkins. Elias enjoyed helping to scoop out the innards, but he didn’t want to touch them so we had to get … Continue reading

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The Pumpkin Bob and Other Swimming Adventures

We had a fun day today full of swimming adventures. In the morning, we went to our weekly swimming and sports classes. Simon takes swimming and Elias takes sports class. They both enjoy their respective classes very much. This morning, … Continue reading

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Simon – 8 Months

Simon is 8 months old now. It is going by so fast. Too fast. Here is what he’s up to: – Simon is beginning to actually enjoy eating solid foods. For awhile there he wasn’t too sure about the business … Continue reading

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A Neighbor Hunt

We’ve been stuck inside a lot the last couple of days so today after Simon woke up from his afternoon nap I decided we just had to get out. There is so much beauty out there right now with the … Continue reading

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Surprise! (From Uncle Greg)

We received a surprise in the mail from Uncle Greg and Shaina today. When we got home from our morning outings, there were two boxes on our doorstep. One was quite large! I made Elias wait until Daddy was home … Continue reading

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A Little Too Much Fun?

Today we had a lot of fun. Possibly a little too much fun. We filled our day to the brim, which was wonderful, but hard on poor Simon who got only two twenty or so minute naps and hardly any … Continue reading

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Our Halloween Tree

I’ve been itching to use some of my limited artist skills. I haven’t been doing enough arts and crafts because frankly I’ve just been too tired. Planning for Elias’ art activities has been enough. I had seen a picture of … Continue reading

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