From The Mouth of A 2 Year Old

Sometimes 2 year olds say the funniest things. My son has said so many things in the past few months which made me laugh out loud, or think…”only as a mother would I hear that.” I try to remember them because they are so cute, but rarely succeed. I’ve decided to keep a running log of things my 2 year old says to me. Some sentimental. Some funny. Some really zany. I’ll add to it periodically as they come!

“Mommy, do you have a face?”

“Can you open my eyes?”

“I don’t want toesagna for lunch. I only want M&M’s.”

“I’m thinking I love you so much, Mommy.”

“The polar bear pooped! Is anybody change it?”

“Does your sock hurt, Mommy?”

“My Daddy is Daddy.”

“I’m thinking about the government.”

“I’m the paterfamilias.”

(scuffling noises coming from the other room)
Elias: “Is that the people upstairs?”
Me: “No that is Olive playing in the bathtub. She’s noisy.”
Elias: “Olive…(laughs) She’s a spunky gal.”

“I hit my head with the wall.”

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