Artwork on the Fridge

Elias' dinosaur tracks artwork.

I signed Elias up for an art class through the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District. I figured it would be fun for him and for me, and we’d get to see and interact with other babies/toddlers. (And it is pretty cheap!) It’s not like I’m trying to be one of those moms who signs their babies up for “classes” thinking it will make them smarter or anything. I just want to have fun and expose the little guy to some new things.

Anyway, today was the first class, and it was really fun! I think it would be better for kids slightly older than Elias, but there was plenty he could do. The teacher said that she is not an instructor, but instead she is a facilitator. She had four different tables for the kids to explore. Elias got to play with play-doh for the first time as well as play at the sensory table. He also watercolor painted a wooden sailboat, and managed to get green watercolor all over my chin.

Then we moved to the dinosaur table. The “activity” was to make dinosaur footprints using toy dinosaurs and paint. I showed Elias how to “stomp” the dinosaurs using a scratch paper, but everything in the picture you see was done by Elias. He decided he wanted to finger paint a little bit too.

Now I get to be one of those moms with artwork on the refrigerator. And Nathan gets to take some to work. I’m sure soon we’ll have more artwork than we know what to do with…but I’m treasuring this first batch. My little boy is growing up.

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