This has been a bit of a difficult week for us, so I think I’ll just do a quick catch-up blog post.

Daddy tries to get Elias to blow bubbles on the last day of swim class.

1. Swimming! Last Friday was the last of our baby and me swimming classes. It was the third time we had signed Elias up. We love taking him swimming. Nathan and I have to trade off who gets to go with him, but it took up three nights a week and made us extremely busy. We had a three week period where we had something every single evening. Needless to say, we were a little relieved to have three nights a week back to enjoy at home or to do other things. Elias loves the water for the most part, but towards the end of the class he started resisting back floats a little. We think he is starting to understand gravity. We’ll probably sign him up again in January or February, but for now we are glad for the break.

Elias threw the ball and had to paddle to get it.


Elias showing off his noise makers. Notice how empty it is! We were the only ones in the entire room for awhile.

2. Children’s Museum! Even though Portland has a great Children’s museum, I am embarrassed to admit that we had never taken Elias there until last Saturday. We got there relatively early to beat the crowds, and it was worth it! Elias loved the baby garden room. He walked all over and particularly enjoyed the mini slide, the water bed, and the noise makers. He even figured out how to finish a turtle puzzle all on his own. We tried out a couple of the other rooms including the water works and the lego exhibit. Elias is a bit young for those, but he’ll grow into them soon! It was a very fun morning.

Elias on the slide.

Elias and Daddy playing with big legos.









3. Illness! Unfortunately, Elias has been feeling under the weather this week. He seems to have a cold. He’s got a bit of a runny/stuffy nose, but was acting otherwise normal during the day. At night we have his mattress elevated and we have a humidifier going, but the snot just builds up. He has thrown up three nights in a row now (Last night he threw up twice) due to mucus build up. The poor little guy just can’t breathe. It is a big ordeal because we have to bathe him and change him. It has also caused me to get quite behind on laundry because I have to wash his sheets and mattress pad every day. The first two nights he seemed to be up for the adventure, but last night he had a very rough time. We are praying he gets healthy soon.

There is lots more I could write about, but I think I’ll stick with those three for now. There is a lot to do while Elias naps so I’ve got to get to it.

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