Eating Independence

Elias after finishing his yogurt the other night. He fed himself using the spoon!

Elias has twice now been interested in trying to feed himself his yogurt. A few nights ago he tried for the first time, and again today for lunch. Yogurt is one of his favorite foods right now, and he usually eats it quickly and eagerly. However, these two times he really wanted to feed it to himself. Needless to say it got quite messy. He experimented quite a bit with the spoon, and got a lot in his mouth using the spoon. He ate from both ends of the spoon, and when he spilled some on his pants he even tried to pick it up with the spoon. It was very cute. In the end, he had about half of the cup left and just dumped it on the table, stuck his hand in, and licked. The spoon skills will come later with more practice.

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