First Haircut

Elias had his first haircut today. I wanted to let it grow forever….well…not really….but his little curls in the back and behind his ears are just so adorable. We had to do something because his hair was getting in his eyes. I decided I could just trim his bangs and leave everything else the way it was. I worked up the courage to put scissors so near to my son’s eyes and went for it. Barely anything was removed. But he doesn’t have hair tickling his eyes anymore. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, actually. And….We’ve passed another milestone. It was very difficult to get these before and after shots. They are not the best quality because he was moving so much, but for what it’s worth:

Elias was not happy because I had combed his hair directly forward into his eyes and his Daddy was restraining him. Luckily there was not that much to trim so it went quickly.

Elias was much happier when we finished. He doesn't have any hair in his eyes, and his curls in the back are still intact. Both of us win!

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