Happy Turkey Day

We have a lot to be thankful for in the Smith Family. We celebrated our thankfulness by having a very quiet and relaxing morning and afternoon. We bundled up and went on a walk, and played with Elias a bunch. Around 4:00 we went over to the Bartle house for some really good food and company. Since yesterday was also my mom’s birthday, Elias got to help her open a couple presents (but the real celebration for that is not until tomorrow). Thanksgiving might be one of my favorite holidays. I kind of overlooked it as a child because I was such a picky eater that I actually went hungry on most Thanksgivings rather than being stuffed. It was just another fun family gathering. Now as an adult I can appreciate Thanksgiving much more. (and not just because I enjoy more foods) There is something very special about setting aside a day in the year to remember all of God’s blessings. It is also great because Thanksgiving is not tied to American consumerist culture. We don’t have to buy lots of decorations or gifts or candy. It really is a day to be with family and give thanks. Here are some pictures showing our fun day:

Elias playing on Daddy's shoulders.

Elias opens Grandma Bartle's present.

Elias plays with Daddy's belt and remote control. Maybe he is pretending to hunt turkeys.He looked so cute!

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