Nature Walk

I have to say we’ve done pretty well on our Smith Family Fall Bucket List for 2011. One of the things that we had left coming into the weekend was going on a nature walk. It was very cold, but looking out the window we saw a break in the rain this morning, and decided to just go for it. We bundled up and set off for the Tualatin Hills Nature Park down the road to go for a walk. We enjoyed looking at the habitat mosaic as they call it. Many kinds of trees….leaves bigger than your head….everything there is just huge and tall and spectacular. Unfortunately we are a little too close to winter to have seen or heard much wildlife, but Elias did get to say “hi” to a squirrel. It was nice to get outside and enjoy God’s creation. Below are some pictures from our walk:

Daddy and Elias on one of the boardwalks.

The squirrel that Elias "talked" with.

Looking up. Everything is so tall!

Our special boy all bundled up.

I guess you can't really tell from the picture because there is nothing to compare it to.....but this leaf was huge.

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