Zoolights: Round 1

Elias and Daddy at the front gate of the zoo!

Last night we headed over to the zoo for our first trip to see the zoo lights this year. We want to go lots and lots of times…and since we have a membership it is free! This time was kind of a trial run because we wanted to see how Elias did in the cold and if he could walk or ride in the stroller…etc.

We met Nathan on his way home from work. It was dusk…and perfect timing to start viewing lights. We went for the train ride first. Elias loved looking out the window, but it was a little too long for him. He was very squirmy and there were parts of the ride that had no lights to look at so it was quite difficult. I think I prefer just walking around. There are some very creative effects, and I love looking at the trees.


This was one of my favorite light displays. They had a whole Wizard of Oz section, but I was particularly amused by the house on the witch...and her red slippers!

They had many beautiful displays. We didn’t get to see all of them because Elias got hungry. I thought bringing pretzels to snack on would be enough to hold him over until dinner, but he got hungry and cold, and therefore, a little cranky. We spent about an hour viewing lights (and seeing Packy up close) then we raced home for some dinner. Next time I think we’ll eat first, and view lights afterward.

It’s amazing how you have to relearn how to do everything once you become a parent! It was a fun kick-off to our (hopefully) many zoo lights adventures!

Elias and Mommy on the zoo train!

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