Elias' facial expressions are so cute these days. He has just thrown the ball into the kitchen, and is now acting like he doesn't know how it got there.

We had a great Saturday here in the Smith household. The calendar square was completely empty for today, and we were glad to keep it that way!

Our morning started out nice. Elias woke up at 6:30, so I went and got him and brought him to our room. He saw his Daddy sleeping, and promptly fell back asleep until 8:00! I repeat…8:00! It was crazy to not get out of bed until the daylight! Usually we have been up for a couple of hours by then. It was especially nice for Nathan since he has been working the early shift and waking up at 4:00 on weekdays.

So what do the Smiths do on a rainy Saturday at home?

1. Play with the cats. Elias loves to pet and play with our cat, Hermione, because she tolerates him. Sometimes he also tries to sit on her…but we put a stop to that quickly! You can see Elias petting Hermione as well as putting my hair ties on her back (he also put one on her ear off camera). You can see her face….a picture tells a thousand words.












2. Bake cookies. I baked both chocolate chip and butterscotch. Quite yummy.












3. Go on a walk. It was actually sunny for a little bit today. We put Elias in the stroller so we could walk farther and enjoyed the sunshine. I don’t have a picture of this…because despite what it may seem…I do not carry the camera with me everywhere.

4. Play with the fishing puzzle. We got Elias a magnetic fishing puzzle for Christmas. At first he got quite frustrated because it was too difficult for him. Now he has practiced so much that he is a little pro. It is the first thing he plays with every morning.








Well…we played with a lot more than just the fishing puzzle…but you get the picture. We enjoyed our time together as a family very much.

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