These Are a Few of His Favorite Things

Elias is growing and changing every day. He has some new favorite things to do and play with.

1. Grandpa and Grandma Bartle got Elias a cars push along toy for Christmas. I’ve shown it on this blog before. He just loves taking it on walks. Every time we get ready to go somewhere, he brings it to the door and tries to bring it along. Once he even got it out the door before we could stop him. It is very cute. Here he is as we were getting ready to go to church yesterday:

2. Elias loves to be tossed up in the air. He does a rocket blast-off with his Daddy. Last night after we got home from the symphony, my parents and Uncle Greg stayed for dinner. While my dad was helping Nathan fix one of our electrical sockets, Uncle Greg kept Elias occupied:

3. Toilet Paper. What is the appeal? Elias has been loving the toilet paper roll recently. He likes to get a long string and drag it around. After awhile he enjoys tearing it into smaller pieces or teasing the cats with it.

4. Books and Kitties. Elias loves the kitties right now. He gets really excited when he sees them or hears them, and he loves petting them as well. Here he is reading to our cat, Olive.

5. Okay, so this last one is just Elias. I called his name, and then snapped the picture as fast as I could. Here is the way his face looks when he responds to my call. He is so cute.

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  1. John Teskey says:

    Elias is fast losing the baby look as he enters the little boy phase of his life. I know you are cherishing every moment, as well you should, since the teen years will be upon you before you know it.

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