Rainy Day Swim

I wanted to take Elias for a fun activity today. We hadn’t been to the zoo in awhile so I thought we should go there…but the weather is miserable. We probably could have had the place to ourselves if we had gone, but we opted for an indoor option instead. I took Elias swimming! It was the first time he got to try out his new swimsuit and rash guard for this season, and even better, Grandma Smith got to come swimming too since it is spring break and she has the week off from work.

As we were getting ready in the changing room, Elias enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with me behind the curtain. He also made sure to parade himself a little. He got many “hellos”, smiles, and “how cutes” from some of the older ladies in there. After his mission to be noticed was accomplished, he wanted to go check out the showers, but I captured him just in time, and started changing him into his swim diaper and swim suit. Just then Grandma Smith showed up and he said, “hi,” in that cute voice of his. He then commented on Grandma’s “hat” (A swim cap).

Elias had lots of fun in the pool. There was a lot going on so there was a lot for him to take in (including a life guarding class!). He enjoyed the classic games such as motor boat, motor boat, and he loved watching us blow bubbles. We played with balls and noodles and rings. I dunked him once. He even did not protest while I floated him on his back! (Although he maintained a death grip on my hair…but that’s ok for now.)

All in all a very fun morning out.

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