The Great Ant Massacre

This morning Nathan and I were privileged to walk in the Portland Walk for Water. More on that another time, though. This post is about the great ant massacre, which happened later in the day. When we got home from the water walk, we put Elias down for a nap. After he woke up, I got an afternoon snack prepped for him, and got his water bottle out of the diaper bag. As we were sitting down to the table, I noticed an ant crawling on his water bottle.

At first I thought it was a little weird…and a little gross…but then I thought to myself…”Where there is one ant, there are usually more ants.”

So I went to check the diaper bag for more ants. There were tons of them! Of course in the couple hours since we had gotten home, they had spread out a little. Luckily, they hadn’t spread too far yet. Just in our entryway. We moved all the ant contaminated stuff to the bathroom, and I furiously started vacuuming ants (and I’ll admit a bit of dirt) around the entryway. There were probably at least 100 of them.

In cleaning out the diaper bag, I found one tiny piece of pretzel…maybe an eighth of a mini twist pretzel….in a side pocket. Elias hasn’t even eaten pretzels for months since his doctor told us they are choking hazards. One stinking tiny six month old piece of pretzel! How could that have caused so much trouble?

After a long ant massacre on my part (Nathan was trying to distract Elias…he was a bit disturbed by my slightly crazed behavior) we decided to take a break and head to the park for the last bit of warmth and daylight. Lots of fun ensued, but when we got home, there were still a steady trickle of ants coming from the diaper bag. Nathan is trying to convince me that this is not the end of the world…and I know it is not…but I’m just paranoid that they will find the kitchen.

I’ve only found a couple in the last hour or so…so hopefully we are nearing the end of this great ant massacre. Only time will tell.

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