Elias is lucky to be able to see two of his uncles quite often. Uncle Greg got home last night from Arizona. It’s his first trip home since he started his new job as a helicopter tour pilot at the Grand Canyon. When we arrived to hang out this morning, Elias looked a bit leery of Uncle Greg at first…(Uncle Greg had some spectacular morning hair and looked like he had woken up not long before we arrived.) But within a few seconds, Elias was excitedly pointing to the pictures of Uncle Greg on the wall showing that he recognized who he really was underneath the morning-ness.

Then commenced playtime. Elias was tossed and carried and bounced and blasted off like a rocket in fits of giggles…only stopping long enough to say and sign “more, more.” Poor Uncle Greg got tired…but maybe it will give Daddy a break for a few days.

Watching Elias with different members of our family is so much fun. It’s so wonderful to see how he interacts with everyone in a different but special way. Grandpa Bartle is the only one he plays the special ball-chase game with, and with Grandma Bartle he does the Wheels on the Bus book/song and the recycling (it sounds weird, I know…you just have to be there). With Grandma Smith he does puzzles and emphasizes drinking water. Each Uncle and Auntie has something special too. He finds something fun and different about each person.

Tonight he’ll get to see Uncle Scott and Auntie Kristy, so more fun will soon commence!

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