Disneyland: Part 1 – California Adventure

One of our first rides at California Adventure. Elias liked how it sort of whipped us back and forth.

Our first day at Disneyland was actually spent at the Disney’s California Adventure theme park. We were excited to check out Cars Land, and to introduce Elias to the idea of a theme park and rides. Most of the adults wanted to go on the newest “radiator springs” ride so Elias and I hung out in Cars Land by ourselves for the first hour or so. We went on five rides in the

Nathan’s first ride with Elias

time the rest of the family went on one! (My dad joined us for three of those five…he didn’t go on the radiator springs either) I was unsure how Elias would react to a ride other than a carousel so I said lots of “Wheeee” on the first couple rounds. He just took it all in stride…and

Amma and Baba on Luigi’s Tires…you can see Uncles and Auntie in the background.

then eventually cracked a smile. I think he had a lot of fun. After awhile, the rest of the family joined us, and Nathan got to go on his first ride with Elias.







After exploring Cars Land, we were already too hot (the high that day was 106 F) so we went to an indoor ride that Elias would enjoy….The Little Mermaid ride. Elias was nervous at the darkness, but ended up enjoying the ride.

I think Elias’ favorite ride of the day, though, may have been the Golden Zephyr. There were hardly any crowds so we actually got to just stay on the ride and ride it twice in a row. Elias sat with Uncle Greg and was shouting “Wheeeeee” at the top of his lungs. It was very fun to witness.

After a few rides together on the pier, most everyone wanted to ride the roller coaster, so my Dad and I took Elias on the carousel. Auntie joined us after one roller coaster ride, but the rest of the family went around for another spin! Elias chose the fish to ride on…Uncle Scott should be proud.

Auntie and Mama having fun on the carousel too.


By this time it was extremely hot, and we decided we just wanted to get inside somewhere and eat. We enjoyed a nice, air-conditioned, extremely expensive (for what it was) lunch…but it was worth it to get inside. Then we took a ride on the Grizzly river rapids to cool off before heading back to the hotel for a nap. We were lucky enough to stay close enough that it was only about a ten minute walk to and from the park. We definitely counted on those naps for Elias…and mommy too!

After nap time we met back up inside California Adventure for more fun and rides.We went to bugs land. Elias especially liked Heimlich’s choo choo, but got upset when the ride wouldn’t let him shut the train car doors on his own. Elias even got to cool off in a fountain with Baba.








We also enjoyed Toy Story Mania….








Elias playing with his new toys and waiting for the rest of the family.

Elias actually didn’t have to spend much time waiting for the “big” people to ride the bigger rides. There was usually always something for us to do while waiting. But we did enjoy a rest every once in awhile. Here we are back in Cars land waiting for the family to get off Radiator springs again. I bought Elias a set of six Cars toys. He seems to like Lightening McQueen and Sarge the best.





Elias enjoyed a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs…although Daddy ended up eating the meatballs.






At night, we played some of the carnival games for fun. Elias got to play a fishing game, and ended up winning the biggest prize…a Mickey Mouse all dressed up to go fishing. It was perfect!

Elias the fisherman!








The final thing Nathan wanted to see at California Adventure was the Hollywood Tower of Terror so we went there just before closing. Elias, Baba and Mama sat on a bench to rest and watch all of the glowing lights that come out at Disneyland at night. Elias happily sat on the bench, ate some chocolate coins, and called out colors as he saw them.


Our first day at Disneyland was a ton of fun…and a big success! It was also very tiring and very hot…but with seven adults and one child it didn’t take too much out of us. We were ready for a good night of sleep, and another round in the morning!


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