Party at the Park!

Elias will be turning two years old next week! I know everyone says this…but I can’t believe two years have gone by already. We decided to celebrate with friends and family by having a party at the park. I was quite nervous because even up to early this morning, the forecast was 55 degrees at noon and overcast….but it was a beautiful day! We got to enjoy one more day in the sunshine…it even got into the upper 70’s! Thank you to everyone who came out and helped us celebrate. Here is Elias’ party at the park in pictures:

The cakes! The baseball was totally my idea…although I admit it did not take much creativity on my part. The baseball glove was an idea I saw online and modified to make it fit for us!

When Elias woke up in the morning I had just finished frosting and decorating the cakes. He was very excited when he saw them….even if it looks like he was not. He just woke up in this picture. He kept saying, “cake, cake, cake!”

The park is a perfect place for a party for a two year old. Elias and his friends played on the play ground for an hour or so at the beginning of the party.

Then we all ate lunch. This was not everyone, but it was a wide shot of some of our guests!

Then it was time for some bat and ball! Elias hit me with the ball as I took this picture:

Then he took turns with his friend.

Next it was time for some cake. Here is the birthday boy!

Here he is trying to blow out his candles.

And trying some more…..

“Look, it’s chocolate!”

MMMMM, cake!

Fun on Baba’s back.

Then some fun with friends, nana, and bubbles.

When we got home, we unloaded (that took awhile) and then Elias took a nap. After nap time, he got to open his presents! Elias first opened some Clifford books. He wanted to read them right away so we had to take a break and read one!

Next he opened some awesome shoes, duplos which he later built with his Daddy, a blanket, a fire truck, and some more books. I think we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear about eight times!

Elias had a very fun day. Thank you to everyone who helped make it special for him!

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