We Made the Pilgrimage

Nathan comes from a family full of Dodger fans. He was indoctrinated young to hate the Yankees and the Giants. While he’s seen the Dodger’s play before, he had never been to Dodger Stadium. So when my family started making plans to visit Disneyland, I suggested to him that we take some time to go see a Dodger game. At Dodger Stadium. We made the pilgrimage. (Luckily they were at home the few days we were there!)

Nathan…super excited after we found our seats.

We rented a car, and my sister-in-law drove us all safely to L.A. (Despite the pranks my brother pulled on her) We got in the stadium and immediately purchased some Dodger gear. We bought Elias a Dodger helmet, and Nathan got a real baseball cap. I already have two pregnancy Dodgers shirts, but decided to acquire one for the rest of the time…I’ll use it in a few months.

Dodgers taking the field at the beginning of the game.

Then we found our seats, watched some warm-ups, and decided it was time to get some grub. Dodger stadium has remarkably little selection when it comes to food. It’s pretty much…the Dodger dog. Nathan didn’t think anything else was needed, of course, but I finally found a “Brooklyn Pizza” place to satisfy my palette.

The four of us enjoying the game.

Nathan had warned us that Dodger fans come late…like a couple innings into the game…he was right. The place was pretty empty at the start of the game, but ended up filling nicely. It was an exciting game. We got to witness four home runs and a Dodger win against the Cardinals!

Elias stayed back at the hotel with Baba and Ama. We wanted him to come, but it was just too late a night for him. He got spoiled with a new Sheriff Woody toy, and got to go swimming at the hotel pool. It was the first time that neither Nathan or myself was there to put Elias to bed. Apparently our routine works…he didn’t need us at all. I guess we’ll just have to plan another trip to Dodger Stadium at some time in the future so Elias can experience the magic as well.

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