Disneyland: Part 3 – The Last Day

Our last day at Disneyland was more of the same. Tons of fun! We did a lot of Elias’ favorites many times (carousel, tea cups, small world). But we also experienced some new things. We went to toon town and Elias got to meet three different characters for the first time. He explored Tarzan’s tree house, and the boys had some fun with the sword in the stone. By the end of the day, Elias was extremely tuckered. He fell asleep, and could not be woken up for anything. I even held him while riding Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters and he didn’t even move once. Here are some pictures of our family fun on the last day at Disney:

Another ride on Dumbo with Daddy.

Family ride on the purple tea cup again!

The boys wanted to spin really fast so they went in their own tea cup the second time around.

Elias met Goofy!

Elias was very interested by Pluto, but didn’t want to get too close.

Meeting Chip

Exploring Tarzan’s Tree house

Daddy trying for the sword.

Uncle Greg’s Turn

Now Uncle Scott

And Elias tries…look at that concentration

Waiting for the fam to get off Splash Mountain

I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but Nathan was completely soaked after riding Splash Mountain. I think there was a small dry spot in one of his arm pits.

Elias all tuckered out. It was time to go home!


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