Fall Cookies!

The boys watching the World Series while Mommy prepares dough.

I love making sugar cookies because it reminds me of spending time with my grandmother. Every time I spent the night at my grandparents’ house, my grandma would make sugar cookie dough, and then we would roll it out, cut it into shapes, and bake it together. I always wanted to continue making sugar cookies with my own children….but it’s a lot more work than regular cookies. There are more dishes, there are many more steps, you have to make dough and frosting, the dough has to chill before baking, they have to be decorated….I could go on. So…we rarely make sugar cookies.

However, I put make fall cookies on our bucket list because I wanted to be sure to fit it in at

Halloween shapes! Cats, moons, bats, pumpkins, and witches!

some point. A week or so ago, Nathan and I discovered that we had a free evening coming up, so this evening, as soon as Elias woke up from his nap, I made the dough. Then I made dinner and we ate it while the dough chilled. Finally, it was ready!

Elias picked out some Halloween cookie cutters, and I added a few sports ones as well. It is the first day of the World Series after all, and football season is also well on its way. Elias had a lot of fun

Sports themed cookies ready for frosting! Helmets, footballs, baseball caps, and trophies!

decorating as usual. He was quite proud…and while the floor still needed major sweeping, he was a lot less messy than in previous decorating sprees.

Now we have yummy sugar cookies for the next week or so!

Elias was sure to put the caps back on the sprinkles when he was through with them.

Elias decorates a cookie with red sprinkles….lots of red sprinkles.

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