Getting Ready for Halloween

Elias practicing for Halloween in his new costume!

Sometimes rainy weekends are a blessing. As much as I love to be outside doing fun family activities, sometimes just spending a quiet weekend at home and inside is just what we need. Yesterday we relaxed all morning and played with Elias. We also got some of the much needed cleaning out done in our bedroom. (We have to somehow make room for a whole new person to live here in just a few short months, after all…and babies take up a lot of room).

We had been planning to attend the Spooktacular event at the Jenkins Estate so that Elias got try out/show off his Halloween costume before the actual day of Halloween. Since it was raining, though, we decided not to go out. We stayed in almost the whole day, then decided to go visit Uncle Greg since he is home for only one night before returning to work, and we haven’t seen him since the middle of September.

We dressed Elias up in his Halloween costume for the first time, and he loved it! The costume is a bit big for him…we’re probably good for another year if he still likes Woody and Bullsye! Elias also loved the hat, but it was hard to keep it on his head. I may have to rig up a strap for Halloween night.

The car ride over we coached Elias on saying “trick or treat.” He did not…but no matter. He loved showing off his costume to Uncle Greg, Ama, and Baba. He made out with five chocolates in his Mickey Mouse bucket. Not bad for one house!

For the entire first hour we were visiting, Elias was just giddy with excitement at seeing Uncle Greg. He just kept saying “Uncle Greg” over and over again. (He also loved seeing Ama and Baba). Luckily it will only be two weeks until our Bartle Thanksgiving celebration and we will get to see Uncle Greg again!

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